Friday, August 18, 2017

Happy Anniversary

In 2006 I was given the opportunity to vie for the job of Superintendent at Glen Echo CC. Every job that I was given the chance to interview I was successful and was given the job since college.  I did not make the cut then but was given another chance in the summer of 2008. I made the cut and began my career at Glen Echo on August 18, 2008. 

This is the longest time at any one job that I have ever had in my working career. As my role has changed this past year from a full time Superintendent to General Manager/Superintendent, the world has become a bit more complicated. As a young teen, I witnessed my father being denied tenure at his teaching and football coaching job. The denial was truly unjustified and an error by Board members who later became regular customers at our restaurant. I saw my father turn the other cheek and move forward with his life. What a lesson for his eldest son who loved him dearly. 

August 23 will be the anniversary of me being named GM year ago The past 360 days have been some of the most difficult in my work life but have also been some of the most rewarding. I have worked tirelessly, not for myself but in the service of our family at Glen Echo and our guests to improve our product and make it something you can be proud of. At times we've failed but I believe our success has far outweighed our failures.

Over the past few months, our clubhouse management team has been doubled in size with the hiring of Dave and Miguel who have done an excellent job in stabilizing our efforts and providing me with some needed relief so I can do some of the duties I've been tasked with completing. Our hourly staff have continued to become more seasoned and our food quality from Chef Brian and his team has improved. 

In the end, what I am asking is that you come visit us a bit more often. Lunch, dinner, cocktails, chicken wings and some drafts. Maybe not enough time for 18 holes of golf but 9 would be just great by us.

In the end, many of you have asked and been concerned about me and my wife Beth and I truly appreciate your concern. I've always been s little more dedicated to my work than I should but trust I do enjoy my time away with my bride. Thanks for your support over the last 9 years and I might not see you on the course as the past but will see you in the clubhouse!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hot Temperatures, Singing the Blues

Well, the heat is on today and for the next week. Why not join us in the Clubhouse Friday night. Cajun/Creole food and one of the best in the Blues business in STL Leroy Pierson. 6:30 Buffet, 8 to 10 to here Leroy.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Extreme Heat, Caution Prevails

A successful Member/Guest as being told by both our members/guests with just a few scars on a couple of greens, we now head into consecutive 100 degree days and upper 70's to 80 degree nights. 

We will be alternating between mowing greens one day and rolling greens the next instead of mowing until we get through what could be the hottest week of the season. We are also raising the height of our mowers by .005 thousandths of an inch. Don't freak out! That is just a little more than the thickness of 1 piece of typing paper. It does increase the surface are by 4% which is significant when dealing with a plant mowed at 1/8". Don't forget to come see us, just do it earlier or later in the day.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Excellent Article On Bunkers

Excellent article from the USGA regarding bunkers and the reasons why they might play different from bunker to bunker.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Bermuda Eradication Part Deux Hundred

First early morning arrival to the course in a while. Don't miss getting up at 4:30 but do miss the course waking up. Shot a little Bermuda Eradication video and yes we will be killing some Bermuda after the Invitational. I have not sprayed this year due to some weakness in the Zoysia.
 Fairways overall continue to improve with some filling in needed on 1,2 and 4. Tees were aerated last week, fairways were spiked which is the reason for the little slices with the brown edges where they dried out. Most of those areas have recovered. Yes and I have the finger ready for the video!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Repairs to 7 Tee Completed

The staff completed the renovation to the front of the white tee on 7 today. It was backfilled with soil, 3 drain lines were dug across it to reduce water pressure in the bank to hopefully stop the hillside from sloughing off again. Sod was laid on it today. 

To our young walkers, please stay off this area or you might end up injured from wet and soft conditions. Should be good to go in 2-3 weeks.

Skip using a mini-excavator to trench across the bank.

Laying the sod. Decided to use Bermuda grass due to its ability to deeper rooting and survive the summer heat.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Greens Venting

Greens were vented today by the staff. We use our deep-tine machine with 5/16" venting tine which places a hole about every square inch or two in a little over 2 acres of greens/collars. Venting is performed to exchange good gas for bad. 02 oxygen good, CO2 carbon dioxide in higher levels bad if green surfaces are not opened up to allow the bad gas out.

The venting also helps improve water infiltration into drier areas and evacuation of water in wetter areas. Rooting is also improved with this process as is microbial activity which has a very positive effect on the plants. There is a battle going on in our root zone between harmful pathogens and those tiny creatures that help offset disease. Holes are not disruptive to ball roll for the most part and will closed in just a few days.