Monday, May 24, 2010

Tennis courts nearing completion

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.   The tennis courts are nearing completion.  We laid 560 pounds shy of 8 tons of clay to resurface the courts.  Another 400 pounds of calcium chloride to harden the surface and many passes back and forth on the roller to the point where we are ready to lay the lines.  The other work required you to just drop your head and do the work, now the most difficult part of the task laying straight lines for our tennis players.  I think I might have a nightmare or two tonight before we begin to set the lines tomorrow. 

From where we were on the 6th of May during the process of removing the dead clay.

To where we are today after the courts have been reconditioned.  Vince and Drew still have some rolling and grooming to do on the courts once the lines are laid but I feel pretty good about how the courts look and feel at this point.  Of course this is coming from a non-tennis guys so I'll hold judgement for a few days until the guys have had a chance to check them out.

A teaser picture with the first line laid out and waiting to be nailed in place in the morning.

Reclaiming the Short Range Target Circles

The short range has some small targets for everyone to work on their game inside 100 yards.  The circles at one time were just sand which  stopped the ball after it hit the ground giving the player a chance to know exactly how far they were hitting their club.  We had not kept up with the overall maintenance of the targets and felt it was time to put them back into the condition that they were intended when the short range was first built.  While the Monday outing was out playing our course, the staff finished their day by removing the zoysia/bermuda grass which infested the targets.

Assistant Skip working the sod cutter removing the bermuda and zoysia that had over grown the target landing area.

Randy, Ryan, Jason and Arian who is not picture removing the material after the sod cutter ran through it.
The finished target after all the material was removed.  We will have to do some serious grass control on these plots to keep then from being over run with zoysia/bermuda.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

4.35" and counting in the last 10 days

Well, we always need the rain and our lakes are full.  The lake fill has been kept off so far this spring which is good but we are very wet going into a predicted very warm forecast over the next few days.
I do not expect any serious issues from the heat.  It will help dry us down to where we can get the property cleaned up and mowed over the next few days.

We've been able to maintain the facility fairly well over the period considering the amount of water we have received but the wet conditions are finally preventing us from getting some pretty important areas of the golf course mowed.   I'm hoping the rain is not too heavy tonight(Thursday) which might allow us to get the fairways mowed by Saturday or Sunday.  One thing that experience has taught me is that mowing and damaging turf during conditions that are wet is viewed upon more negatively than golfers playing in taller grass conditions for an extra day or two.  We will remain patient and remind our staff to do the same. 

Our crew has been thrown off of their normal rhythm over the last week or two but they have stepped up and worked in the rain as needed.  Our dryer has been busy helping to dry clothes over the last few days as we have been in and out of the rain.  Our new staff have been doing well and we've been training them on various jobs throughout the property so we can continue to provide you with great conditions.

Our ornamental planting schedules are a bit behind and the tennis court clay work has fallen behind because of the wet, soft conditions of the courts.  We were well ahead of schedule to have the tennis courts prepared for play this week but 8-10 days of rain has dashed those hopes.  As the courts dry this weekend, I hope to get the remaining clay laid and the courts lined early in the week and then hand off the courts to Vince and the tennis staff for the summer. 

New Look to the blog

Recently, I modified the template to the blog to give it a new look.  The changes are subtle but regular followers will notice a slight change in some font and colors in the new format.  I take great pride in preparing this information for our membership so that everyone will be informed regarding the work that takes place on our grounds.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Large Patch on Zoysia

Every late April to early May, large patch on zoysia becomes active.  The link in the previous sentence discusses home lawns but does a good job in explaining the disease.  We completed a full course application on all fairways, tees and green surrounds that consists of zoysia in the fall to reduce the effects of the disease when it becomes more active in the spring.  We then spot treat the areas where the disease develops in the spring with a curative application of fungicide.  Very rarely does this disease completely kill an area where new sod is required.

Our most active area is the drive landing area on #10 fairway.

The picture below is of an active patch on #10 fairway.  Usually, the margins around the outside of the disease has a tendency to be slightly orange in color which is the most active area of the disease.  The turf can become slightly matted in more severe situations.  

Ornamental bed plantings have started

I put the first plants in the ground this afternoon near the pro shop  The crew removed the expired tulips and did some light tilling for ease of planting.  As weather permits, we will be planting the pro shop walk area, flagpole and the close areas around the clubhouse.  Once those areas are complete, we will move out onto the course.  I would expect our plantings to be completed within the next two weeks.  The beds will also be covered with the Black Forest mulch.  We also have to install plants in the 30 pots and urns around the clubhouse, swimming pool and pro shop.
This view is along east side window of the pro shop. Gay's Delight Coleus with some Red Angel Wing Begonias and Cherry Star Impatiens


The corner of the east side of the pro shop.  Same plants as above except we are using Burgundy Sun Coleus. 
Continuing from the bed at the corner to the area behind the benches and around the small golfing statues with the same plant material as the corner.  This will add nice contrast to the perennial plants that make up a majority of this bed.

Plant Sale a Success

Our greenhouse plant sale went very well over the weekend.  We currently have sold over $ 1,600 in plants.

Thanks to all for participating.  We still have some plants available for sale through this weekend.  If you would like to purchase some plants, please call my cell phone or email so I can make sure I am available at that time to help you with your purchase.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Remove the old, bring in the new!(Clay that is)

The 200th post on our blog has to do with the replacement of the old dead clay on the surface of the tennis courts with a new 8 ton layer of clay to be applied over the next few days to resurface the courts for the season.

New lines will be installed which should help me in laying out the court for the season.  We've removed all the dead clay except for one court which is in a pile and will be removed before Monday.  We will then lay the clay with a drop spreader next week.  If my line laying ability has improved, the latest that the courts will be completed should be around Tuesday, May 18th.  If they open sooner, I will let you know.  

The remaining pile of dead clay is the darker area on the right side of the picture above the blower.

The view from the asphalt courts of court #2 after it has had all the dead clay removed.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The Glen Echo Plant sale will take place this Saturday, May 8 from 8 a.m. until 12:00 noon at the maintenance department.  We should have room for parking down at the facility this year so bring your car down and take a look at our flowers for sale.  We have a few more varieties in the 6 pack and 36 count this season.  Your member account will be billed in the customary fashion.

The 9 varieties below will be sold in 6 packs with 36 total plants per flat.

$ 1.50 per 6 pack and $ 9.00 per flat.

Impatiens Super Elfin Pink
10" tall 12-14 spread

Impatiens Super Elfin Cherry Star
10" tall 12-14 spread

Celosia Gloria Yellow
8" compact plants
Full sun

Melapodium "Million Gold"
Full sun
14"-24" tall 1'-3' spacing

Salvia Victoria Blue
Full sun
18"-20" tall 12-14" spacing

Marigold Bonanza Bolero
10-12" wide and high
Full sun

Hurrah Red Multiflora Petunia
10-12" high and 10"-18" spread
Full Sun

Zinnia Profusion Orange
18" high 24" spread
Full sun

Vinca Pacifica Burgandy
10-14" high x 6-8" wide
Full sun

3" Potted Plants $ 3.50 per plant except Geraniums $ 5.00

18 plants per flat

There will be less availability of the following plants because they were purchased in smaller quantities. The plants in this group have a tendency to spread or their growth habits naturally take up more space.

Angelonia Serena Lavander and White
Full Sun
12" tall 10" spacing

Ornamental Pepper "Black Pearl"
Full Sun
18-20" tall 16"-19" wide

Cuphea Mexican Heather"Allyson"
Full to partial sun
12-24" tall 12-18" spread

Begonia "Dragonwing"
Red and Pink
Sun or shade
12-15" tall 12-15" spacing

Lantana "New Gold"
Full Sun
15-20" tall 18-24 spread

Pachystachys Lutea"Shrimp Plant" red
Full Sun
red blooms

Ruellia Brittonia"Purple Showers" Mexican Petunia
Full Sun
3-4' tall

Blackie, Marguarita and Bronze Sweet Potato Vine
Full sun to light shade
1' to 4' spread

Zinnia "Magellan Cherry"
Full Sun
12-14"tall 12-14"spread

Coleus "Rustic Orange"
Sun to shade
14-20" tall and spread

Coleus "Burgundy Sun"
Sun to shade
24-36" tall and 24"spread

Coleus "Gay's Delight"
Sun to shade
36" tall and 24" spread

Orthosiphon Stamin Lavendar"Cat Whiskers"
Up to 18" to 24"
Full sun

Geranium Americana " Bright Red, White and Salmon"
12-18" high 15-18" spread
Full sun
(LIMITED QUANTITIES) $ 5.00 per plant)

Jumbo Purslane Orange and Yellow
low growing, drought tolerant, full sun

I will also have 3 varieties of hostas available in various price ranges including some Big Blues.

There could also be a couple of other items that have not been listed.

Hope to see you Saturday, May 8th.