Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Venting, Needle tine Greens

Our last aeration was at the end of March so its time again to get some oxygen into our greens.  We use our Verti-drain 7316 with an 8 mm solid pencil tine to do this work. We are venting greens more than aeration. There is a small hole but within a couple of days you barely know anything happened but the greens, they are so appreciated of this work.

Its one of the least disruptive processes we do to our greens but very beneficial for the following reasons:

  • It allows oxygen into the rooting area and carbon dioxide which can build up in the green out.
  • The holes are small but can allow excess moisture which has built up over the month of May to evaporate. The opposite takes place in areas that dry quicker. Water can penetrate these areas and become more available for roots.
  • A small channel is created below the surface which can allow roots to become healthier and fill these small areas.
  • This improved environment helps all the good microbes in the green profile that are so important in providing nutrients for the rootsand help to fight off bad microbes such as fungus and other not so great organisms.
  • Along with the needle tine, we top dressed the greens with sand which helps to smooth the surfaces and protects the crowns of the plants which is where new leaves start as well as roots. 
I'm completing this blog in the middle of a breakdown so hopefully we will be back up and running soon. All greens completed except 9-10, 13-14, 16.


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Disappointed, Cart Etiquette or Lack Thereof

I was having a great morning mowing fairways this morning until I came upon Hole 3 and saw the remnants of a cart driver with poor cart etiquette and lack of concern regarding the rules for the day.
A majority of people who play at this club follow the rules and do what is asked in regards to the etiquette golfers should use in playing the course. I'm very lenient and prefer to side on the let's play normal than forcing cart path issues all the time but when we have rain for a couple of days straight the expectation should be that we will be on paths. I'll let the video explain it all. By the way, I left this video with a comedy label. I had a few other choice words I could use but I will leave that up to your imagination!


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Holes 8 & 17 Fairway Intermediate Sod Work/Bermuda Eradication Program

As the staff was cleaning up the course yesterday from weekend play and prepping for a tournament, eight more pallets of zoysia grass rolled in waiting to be laid today. Praying for no rain as I mowed fairways this morning at 230 a.m(no that's not normal)  clouds hung around but the rain stayed away. Had the crew split between three main jobs, course prep for The Lorette Medart Tourney, tree work on 3 and sod work on 8 approach and then the start of 17. The guys busted their butts today. Placed about 325 yards between 8 and 17. Still have another 75 yards for 8 on Wed. Of course not forgetting about two other hard working people. Becky is in the middle of planting her near mature babies she's nurtured since mid-March. Of course she having to dodge some smart and excited hummingbirds who flirt in and out looking for some great nectar. Dave is hard at work keeping our aged fleet up and running.

The sod removal process involved:

  • Cutting out the old stuff with a sod cutter and hauling it to the dump
  • Hand raking smooth
  • Applying some fert to get the sod started rooting
  • Laying the sod
  • A little drink of water, finished. 
Hard work plus the added pressure from the boss to leave the area before our ladies groups passed through. These areas were sprayed with our Bermuda Eradication spray. In some cases, just a few hairs of Bermuda trying to creep back in. We will continue to spray these after the Zoysia roots to continue to knock it back.

If you missed the earlier video from youtube regarding our plans on #8, its at the bottom of this group of pictures.

Alphonso and Latrell cutting the new sod in place.

Randy and Jeremiah lifting the old stuff in the top near the bunker. Old sodcutter  resting and waiting for its next task.

I captured this from the blog/video I posted regarding our plans a couple weeks ago.

Finished area looking good. 

Russ, Latrell and Jeremiah. Also had Tom, Jason, Parker and Skip who rammed this work through for me.

Looking good start of #17


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Storm Damage 5/11 Tree Management Plan

Limbs and leaves down everywhere. Spent a significant amount of our day on fallen Red Oak near 4 tee into the cemetery. Details below. Will be working throughout the day on Friday trying to clean up more material. Its pretty wet  so it is going to be difficult for us to clean up leaves and things on Fairways without doing damage so they will stay where they are for now.



Cleaning it up

Threw in the total group except Hort and Mechanic

Getting near the end

Hope there is no damage

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tree Management Plan

Over the weekend, we installed three oak trees on the course and four other trees in a nursery we are establishing behind 17 green.

The first tree was a Chinkapin Oak placed on the right side of #2 about 135 yard from the green. There is a multi stemmed Ash tree at about 160 yards from the green that is showing some structural weakness and could be effected by the Emerald Ash Borer in the future.

You can see the Ash tree in the background as well as a Pin Oak behind it.

The 2nd tree on the course was planted on the lower right side of #10. It is a Swamp White Oak This tree was planted in this location because of a lightning strike and structurally weakened Pin Oak near the 2nd lake on 10 and the right cart path that dead ends at 10 fairway. This tree is already weakened in the crown area and then took a big lightning strike. The new tree will reduce the temptation of those who try to cut the corner too tightly unless you can fly your ball over the top.

The third tree planted was next to the tennis courts along the right side of #18, a Bur White Oak
This tree replaced two hollowed out Silver Maples and a poorly formed Sweet Gum. A great trade off in my mind. I would consider the Bur Oak the King of All Oaks. A formidable specimen tree for members to admire for the next 80 years or so. We need to clean up the stump grindings from the three trees, add soil and sod in the next couple of days.

We also placed four trees in a nursery area behind 17 green. The four trees are a Yellowwood , European Hornbeam ,Kentucky Coffee Tree , Black Gum  These tree will be allowed to grow and will be tree-spaded and moved on the course over the next 6-10 years as needed.
This is the view from the cart path on 2 looking over toward the 16th tee/hole. We have water in this area. The two trees on  the right will be watered regularly from the nursery green sprinklers.  The other two have sprinklers nearby as well if we need to provide some supplemental water.

Miss you Lady girl!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all! Hope you enjoy a great day doing something you love.

 I've been blessed to have one terrific mother. Mom has accomplished a great deal in her life. Four sons and countless other women and men that she has cared for and mentored over the years. Going to college, working, taking care of babies and a husband all at the same time is an amazing accomplishment all in her first 5 years of adult life.Of course we must remember 12 years later she started raising her 4th son which added even more to her great accomplishments.

As I've aged, I continue to watch her evolve as a spirit and human being. I'm just beginning to discover some of the gifts she has given me over the years and I still have some serious work within myself to be 1/2 the person she has become. I'm lucky to have been the first child because that has given me more time to be with her.

We spent the evening together last night. I won't be with you today Mom but know that you are on my mind. I love you MOM!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Bermuda Eradication Program, #8 and Other Areas

As you know, we've been installing Zoysia the last couple of weeks as a part of our Bermuda Eradication Program. This week we were able to finish on 10, did the start of the fairway on 15, the intermediate near 16 approach and at the bottom of the approach on 18 green.(still a couple pieces to lay at press time). There has been mention regarding from the main road to 8 green and I did a video discussing what we are doing on this hole. We will be replacing some of the sod on this hole and will be allowing the Bermuda do grow back to fill it back in. We've given the Zoysia a good start in some of these spots and might go back in and reapply product where the Zoysia is strongest.

I will be applying one more application to the fairways before summer arrives helping to knock the Bermuda back that is mixed in with the Zoysia, that will occur in the next couple of weeks. After that, I will be allowing the fairways to grow no matter what the grass so they will be in good shape for the rest of the summer season. I will then go back in again in late summer and hit the fairways again to set up the Bermuda for winter kill.

Not how we normally roll out sod but the guys decided to just roll it out and then were going to make some adjustments. Early season Zoysia in big rolls is not usually the easiest to work.



18 Approach at bottom of the hill in the intermediate

16 intermediate on both sides near the green

Finished up the right side of 10

Greenhouse Plant Sale Tomorrow Saturday May 7th

Greenhouse Plant Sale will be tomorrow, Saturday May 7th from 9-11 at the maintenance building below the first tee box. Becky will be here to help with your selections for this year. All plants can be charged to your account in the usual manner. Some but not all of the plants in the picture will be available based on Becky's needs for the course this season. She is just beginning to plant on property.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tennis Courts Ready For Play Thursday, May 5th

Promised the ladies I would work hard at getting courts open early this year. Should have court one lines down by 9 am Wednesday and will have court 2 finished by the end of the day. Courts will be ready for play on Thursday.

Two videos below. The first demonstrates rather quickly how we roll the tennis courts. Rolling helps to firm the surface and smooth out imperfections. This is completed on a regular basis during the season and especially during the early season.


Laying out the courts is pretty important because of course they need to be square and have the proper dimensions. Video below shows how we use line cables to find the corners of the court.  The cables also help to set the single court lines, center court line, service lines, you get it, it helps to set the line. We then stretch string so we have as straight a line to lay the line tape(tape is made from vinyl) in place. The line must be nailed to the clay surface so it stays in place.


Monday, May 2, 2016

Weather Stats for April

Weather Stats for April. A little closer to normal but still above average.

21st Warmest April on record

                            Observed Value  Normal Value   Depart from Normal   Last Year     
High                             70.3                  67.4                      2.9                       70.5
Low                              49.4                  47.2                      2.2                       50.0
Average                        59.9                  57.3                      2.6                       60.3


                                    4.49"                 3.69"                     .80"                      5.42"