Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Holes 8 & 17 Fairway Intermediate Sod Work/Bermuda Eradication Program

As the staff was cleaning up the course yesterday from weekend play and prepping for a tournament, eight more pallets of zoysia grass rolled in waiting to be laid today. Praying for no rain as I mowed fairways this morning at 230 a.m(no that's not normal)  clouds hung around but the rain stayed away. Had the crew split between three main jobs, course prep for The Lorette Medart Tourney, tree work on 3 and sod work on 8 approach and then the start of 17. The guys busted their butts today. Placed about 325 yards between 8 and 17. Still have another 75 yards for 8 on Wed. Of course not forgetting about two other hard working people. Becky is in the middle of planting her near mature babies she's nurtured since mid-March. Of course she having to dodge some smart and excited hummingbirds who flirt in and out looking for some great nectar. Dave is hard at work keeping our aged fleet up and running.

The sod removal process involved:

  • Cutting out the old stuff with a sod cutter and hauling it to the dump
  • Hand raking smooth
  • Applying some fert to get the sod started rooting
  • Laying the sod
  • A little drink of water, finished. 
Hard work plus the added pressure from the boss to leave the area before our ladies groups passed through. These areas were sprayed with our Bermuda Eradication spray. In some cases, just a few hairs of Bermuda trying to creep back in. We will continue to spray these after the Zoysia roots to continue to knock it back.

If you missed the earlier video from youtube regarding our plans on #8, its at the bottom of this group of pictures.

Alphonso and Latrell cutting the new sod in place.

Randy and Jeremiah lifting the old stuff in the top near the bunker. Old sodcutter  resting and waiting for its next task.

I captured this from the blog/video I posted regarding our plans a couple weeks ago.

Finished area looking good. 

Russ, Latrell and Jeremiah. Also had Tom, Jason, Parker and Skip who rammed this work through for me.

Looking good start of #17


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