Friday, August 18, 2017

Happy Anniversary

In 2006 I was given the opportunity to vie for the job of Superintendent at Glen Echo CC. Every job that I was given the chance to interview I was successful and was given the job since college.  I did not make the cut then but was given another chance in the summer of 2008. I made the cut and began my career at Glen Echo on August 18, 2008. 

This is the longest time at any one job that I have ever had in my working career. As my role has changed this past year from a full time Superintendent to General Manager/Superintendent, the world has become a bit more complicated. As a young teen, I witnessed my father being denied tenure at his teaching and football coaching job. The denial was truly unjustified and an error by Board members who later became regular customers at our restaurant. I saw my father turn the other cheek and move forward with his life. What a lesson for his eldest son who loved him dearly. 

August 23 will be the anniversary of me being named GM year ago The past 360 days have been some of the most difficult in my work life but have also been some of the most rewarding. I have worked tirelessly, not for myself but in the service of our family at Glen Echo and our guests to improve our product and make it something you can be proud of. At times we've failed but I believe our success has far outweighed our failures.

Over the past few months, our clubhouse management team has been doubled in size with the hiring of Dave and Miguel who have done an excellent job in stabilizing our efforts and providing me with some needed relief so I can do some of the duties I've been tasked with completing. Our hourly staff have continued to become more seasoned and our food quality from Chef Brian and his team has improved. 

In the end, what I am asking is that you come visit us a bit more often. Lunch, dinner, cocktails, chicken wings and some drafts. Maybe not enough time for 18 holes of golf but 9 would be just great by us.

In the end, many of you have asked and been concerned about me and my wife Beth and I truly appreciate your concern. I've always been s little more dedicated to my work than I should but trust I do enjoy my time away with my bride. Thanks for your support over the last 9 years and I might not see you on the course as the past but will see you in the clubhouse!