Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Update 2nd Fairway Bermuda Grass Eradication Spray

Update of what we are seeing with our fairway bermuda eradication spray.  Also included a link for those of you that get the email without the embeded video.  I have to remember the links from now.

15 fairway bermuda eradication video.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Update on 4 approach

The staff completed the replacement on 4 approach with zoysia today.  We did an additional three rows of zoysia on the front of 16 and will complete the remaining section tomorrow.  This will reduce our chemical applications by another 1000 square feet which  does not seem like a great deal but it is.  Asst Skip has informed me that a number of the false fronts have been reduced in size over the years since there initial installation in the 90's.  Since I have been here, we have eliminated them on 1,3,6, 1/2 11, 18 and 4/16 in the last few days.

Last weeks work with additional collar to be replaced to the right of the whit line in the middle.

The sod that was replaced today.  There is now a 24"  bentgrass collar in the front of the green.  The area will be a little shaggy until the warm weather arrives next spring.

We will be topdressing thw zoysiaj with sand in preparation for winter and to begin the smoothing process for next season.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Approach, Bent grass false front replacement

Over the last few years, we have been replacing the false front bent grass approaches with zoysia on a number of holes.  We had some sod left over from the range tee project and used it to replace the approach on #4 on Thursday.  Replacing these bent grass approaches will assist us in a number of ways.

Playability should improve. Bent surfaces are usually soft and reduces bounce and ball roll onto the green.

The bent approaches require the same chemical apps as the green increasing cost on the operation.

Require more water than green surfaces. In many cases, we must flood these areas with hand watering to keep them alive and stress free. Replacement will save labor and water expense as well.

Staff removing sod from 4 approach.
Cutting the sod in pieces.  Used some of this sod on a couple of weak and damaged collars. 6, 12, 18.
The finished product.  We will be bringing in another pallet of sod to reduce the remaining collar to 22" and we will be replacing #16 as well.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fairway Bermuda Eradication Spray

Prepared a video regarding our 2nd Fairway Bermuda eradication spray this season which was completed on Sunday. Check it out below.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Men's Championship Day

Today is the conclusion of Glen Echo's Men's Match Play Championships. 10 individuals will be vying for 5 titles. Our overall Men's Championship will be between Nathan Calcari and Darren Stoffel.  They will be playing 36 holes starting at 7:30.  Come by and watch some of their final round.  Spectators are always welcome.  Good luck to all participants!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Lady Open Golf Tourney This Sunday!

Have you signed up for the 2nd Annual Lady Golf Tournament this Sunday.  9 hole golf at 3:30 with a 4 person scramble with water and treats for the dogs on the course.  Dinner and swimming at the pool following the event.  If you don't play golf, join us at the pool for the after golf activities.  Don't think Lady will make the course but she will be at the party.  THE GIRL LOVES A PARTY!!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Long Range Tee Update/Course Etiquette

The long range tee was mowed for the first time today, 15 days since the sod was laid. We are using a walking mower and are mowing it at a height of .900" which is effective height of our riding tee mower of .750". To give you an idea of the height of cut, our tees are mowed at .500". We might drop it slightly over the next couple of mows but will keep it higher than normal  to insure good rooting going into winter. We have plenty of time next season to bring the height down to an effective practice height for you and our guests.
62 steps to walk mow the long range tee in one pass.  40 passes so far with about 25-30% left to mow.
Using our collar walking unit to cut the tee.  Trying to keep the riding equipment off of it as much as possible except the roller to help smooth the surface.
A disturbing view today was to see a divot out of the tee and a spot where someone set up out on the tee hitting drivers. Will one or two individuals hitting off the tee kill it, of course it won't but why not hundreds of people hitting off of it since one or two are going to do it. You know the answer if hundreds hit off of it, it will be destroyed before we get the opportunity to use it.  I do realize there are more than our members that use this facility who could be involved in this issue and the one below.

Also have seen two divots near holes over the last week. This type of damage is rarely seen at our club and now we have seen two of these in a weeks time.