Saturday, September 20, 2014

Approach, Bent grass false front replacement

Over the last few years, we have been replacing the false front bent grass approaches with zoysia on a number of holes.  We had some sod left over from the range tee project and used it to replace the approach on #4 on Thursday.  Replacing these bent grass approaches will assist us in a number of ways.

Playability should improve. Bent surfaces are usually soft and reduces bounce and ball roll onto the green.

The bent approaches require the same chemical apps as the green increasing cost on the operation.

Require more water than green surfaces. In many cases, we must flood these areas with hand watering to keep them alive and stress free. Replacement will save labor and water expense as well.

Staff removing sod from 4 approach.
Cutting the sod in pieces.  Used some of this sod on a couple of weak and damaged collars. 6, 12, 18.
The finished product.  We will be bringing in another pallet of sod to reduce the remaining collar to 22" and we will be replacing #16 as well.

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