Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Update on 4 approach

The staff completed the replacement on 4 approach with zoysia today.  We did an additional three rows of zoysia on the front of 16 and will complete the remaining section tomorrow.  This will reduce our chemical applications by another 1000 square feet which  does not seem like a great deal but it is.  Asst Skip has informed me that a number of the false fronts have been reduced in size over the years since there initial installation in the 90's.  Since I have been here, we have eliminated them on 1,3,6, 1/2 11, 18 and 4/16 in the last few days.

Last weeks work with additional collar to be replaced to the right of the whit line in the middle.

The sod that was replaced today.  There is now a 24"  bentgrass collar in the front of the green.  The area will be a little shaggy until the warm weather arrives next spring.

We will be topdressing thw zoysiaj with sand in preparation for winter and to begin the smoothing process for next season.

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