Thursday, January 31, 2013

NC State Turf Pathology: Winter Patch Diseases Now Flocking!

Interesting article from North Carolina State(Quality turf research program) regarding their recent weather which is kind of mirroring the weather we are having.  Warm, cold, rain, snow, all in a weeks time leads to the beginning of disease outbreaks which are not devastating but can ugly turf.  Their climate is warmer than ours in the winter but some of the same diseases will show up on our cool season areas including greens, tees, and rough.

NC State Turf Pathology: Winter Patch Diseases Now Flocking!: Recent weather patterns, as weird as they may be, have been favorable for two common winter time diseases to start showing up across portion...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Continue Course Accessory Clean up

Staff spent yesterday cleaning up the course during the warm weather, picking up branches, gum balls etc.  Back inside today.  Touching up benches with stain for the upcoming season.  Much easier to maintain instead of being painted and having to scrape the paint and painting again and having multiple layers of paint.

Tee markers are getting their final dipping of Marine Varnish.  Looking really sharp.  Should be able to withstand the elements much better this season and will not need to be touched up in mid-season.

Tom and Russ cleaning up benches in the greenhouse.

Jason waiting for excess varnish to drip in the bucket.  Little soldiers in a line behind Jason drying.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Course will be open today! Tuesday 1/29

Wind and warm temperatures have pushed the freeze out and moisture has moved away from surface of the greens.  Come out and enjoy your day!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Thawing Greens

As you know, course is closed on Monday but if we were open, greens would remain closed.  Freeze is trying to come out of greens but still prevalent in many which is not allowing the moisture to drain from the surface.  Very wet condition right now.  I think right now there is about a 20% chance we will open on Tuesday.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Tee Markers Not On the Course

There are no tee markers on the course at this time.  We are currently sanding them and giving them multiple coats of a marine varnish which should give them a much better look during the year.  We expect to have this work completed within the next week so play from where you want during the next few days if you make it out to the course.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cart Maintenenace 2013

The staff will be spending a few days going through all of the golf carts.  The following will be completed on each cart:

  • A diagnostic meter is hooked up to a port in each cart which reads a number of functions from the computer in the cart.  Most importantly is the voltage of the 4-12 volt batteries.  If the total of all 4 batteries falls below 48 volts, the batteries are individually tested with a volt meter.  We are currently accumulating a list of batteries in need of replacement and will replace them before the season starts.   

  •  Each cart is jacked up and wheels are removed to check brake pads.
  • All roofs and brackets are checked to insure they nuts and bolts are tightened.
  • Body parts are repaired that have been damaged from collisions.
  • Rain covers for clubs are being checked to insure they are tight and the velcro straps are in place to hold the cover up.
  • Chargers are also being checked to insure they are working properly which can affect the life of the batteries.  Distilled water is also being placed in batteries to prevent dry cells which can lead to battery failure as well.
  • Carts are being test driven regarding any unusual noises or operation issues.

Interesting 2012 Weather By The Numbers

The weather numbers for 2012

2012  All-time #1 Average Temperature    61.2

Since turn of the 21st century, here are the average temps and their rankings.

2000  56.2   77th                                  90/100 degree records
2001  57.7   23rd                                      
2002  57.9   20th                                  73 days =or over 90, 4th all-time
2003  56.5   64th                                  60 days =or over 90 June-Aug  6th all-time                    
2004  57.6   25th                                  23 days = or over 90 in a row, ended on 7/19 2nd all-time
2005  58      18th                                  21 days = or over 100   4th all-time
2006  58.5   9th                                    21 days=or over 100  June-Aug  3rd all-time  
2007  58.3   12th                                  10 days=or over 100 in a row, ended on 7/7 2nd all-time
2008  56      98th
2009  56.6   60th
2010  58      17th
2011  58.7   5th

This year's seasonal temperatures

2011/2012 Winter  40.1  6th warmest
Spring                    64.8  1st all time warmest
Summer                  82.0  4th warmest
Fall                         57.4  92nd warmest

Monthly Average Temperatures for 2012

January                38.1  13th warmest
February               41.4 15th
March                 61     1st
April                     60.2  18th
May                    73.2  1st
June                     78.2  26th
July                     88.1  1st
August                 79.6  32nd
September           69.4  83rd
October               56.9  96th
November            46.0  68th
December             41.7  8th

Warmest Days of All-time that occurred in 2012 and their ranking

7/25  108  7th
6/28  108  8th
7/24  107  13th
7/7    107   14th
7/23  106  19th
7/18  106  20th
7/6    106  21st
6/29  106  22nd
7/5    105   36th
7/4    105   37th
6/30  105  38th

Friday, January 18, 2013

Firewood for next season

The staff have been splitting the pile of wood left over from this past season so it has a chance to season and be ready for your fireplaces next year.  The removal of the tree near the driving range almost doubled the pile that is waiting to be split.
Lady keeping a watchful eye over the guys.  You can see some of the larger logs in the background which have to be cut in half so the guys can then split them.

Stacking the new pile in preparation for next winters firewood sale.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tree removal long range tee

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Joe WachterOne of our contractors is removing the large white oak that finally died late summer next to the long range tee. We will be using the oak chips for mulch and the logs for firewood once it is has been dropped. A very nice tree but the improved sunlight and less root competition will improve the driving range tees turf health which is important for a grower of fine turf.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Course open today 1-11-13

The course will open today if anyone is interested in coming out for the 65 degree temperatures.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Course Remaining Closed on Wednesday, 1-9-13

I nice thaw is taking place on the golf course and the snow has finally melted away.  We had hoped to open the course today but the conditions of our greens will not allow us to open.  Some greens are thawed all the way through but others are thawed to a very shallow depth which will create issues with roots being sheared from  every step made on the green.  The flatter greens are also very wet like a soaked sponge which could lead to substantial foot printing as well.  The rain tonight and Thursday should help move the freeze out of the ground and should allow the moisture to move through the sand and away from the surface improving conditions.

We appreciate your understanding.