Thursday, February 28, 2013

Greenhouse Renovation

The greenhouse is currently undergoing renovation for the upcoming season.  It was time to replace the poly-dual covering of the greenhouse.  Along with that, we needed to adjust the greenhouse a few inches higher where it attached to the building.  It was a little too flat and allowed water to get trapped between the bubble of the greenhouse and the building.  We removed the plastic last week and the staff is fabricating the square tubes that will connect the aluminum frame of the house to the wall.  This should be completed over the next couple of days.  Some modifications will need to made with the framing around the fans and air intakes and we should get it covered next week in preparation for plants arriving in the next couple of weeks.
Preparing to weld angle iron onto tubs which will allow the tubes to attach to the building.

Skip putting a coat of paint on the tubes.  

Golf Business information

For a few years, I've been on the email list for a daily golf briefs about the golf course business.  Interesting stories about players, equipment and issues of the day effecting the game we love.  Click the link below to check it out.  You can sign up on the site to receive an email with the brief.

Golf Biz

Saturday, February 23, 2013

What lies beneath

Tried to drive out yesterday to take a few snow shots but could not see cart paths very well so drove back in.  Walked to a few spots today and took some snow shots with the nice form of our new bunkers.  Needed this snow cover in January, it can go away any time now.  Much to do!

Friday view of #3

Friday, February 22, 2013

Wine Tasting Tonight!

The wine committee is hosting a wine tasting this evening
at the club from 5:30-7:30.  Jeffrey Saunchegraw's Venezia Imports
will be pouring samples of wine for members to
taste.  Check out the particulars of the event and the
wines to be poured  in the link below.  Call and make your
reservation now!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

#14 Sand replacement completed

The staff finished the sand replacement on the 14th hole today so all bunkers now have the same sand.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

#14 Sand Replacement

The staff spent the last two days removing sand from the bunkers on #14 and putting the sand back in the bunkers that we used last fall on the project.  Skip and I worked on the front right bunker yesterday while the guys had President's Day off and everyone returned today to finish off the right side bunker and rear bunker.  We should have the front left bunker completed on Wednesday before the storm moves in on Thursday.

Skip placing the bucket down on the bunker floor so we could shovel the sand into the bucket and he could fill the carts to haul the sand back to the shop.

The staff this morning finishing the rear bunker on #14.  Cold morning outside, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentines Day(Clubhouse Reopening)

The Valentine's Dinner and clubhouse reopening takes place on February 14.  A great dinner planned including appetizers, entree choice, dessert, drinks plus entertainment for a great price.  Couple tables, set in various rooms.  Ralph Butler duo with his smooth sounds will provide an evening of romantic smooth sounds for this special evening.  Ralph is one of the best entertainers in our area. Sign up today on the website.

Tim Rosaforte/Brandel Chamblee Presenting

Our first session of Thursday started with a discussion between the two Golf Network stalwarts. First topic began with the anchored putter ruling and on to other subjects concerning our great game. Then back to the trade show floor.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Acres of Trade Show floor space to Investigate

Just beginning the trek through acres of equipment and supplies at the GIS 2013. My feet hurt thinking about. Usually make an aisle by aisle walk through the complete show and note any products that spike my interest or something that needs a more detailed look tomorrow after resting some tired feet. Our expansive equipment purchase a few years ago rules out any larger purchases but always good to have a wish list for a few pieces that are beginning to age. I.E. rough mowers

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Old Tom Morris award winner

Dr. Michael Hurdzan receiving our associations highest award. Glen Echo is closely aligned with Old Tom because of our architects and builders of Glen Echo, the Foulis Brothers worked at St. Andrews for old Tom. Dr. Hurdzan is the architect of one of St. Louis's better golf facilities in Annbriar G.C. in Waterloo.

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Course open Wed Feb 6

Skip and the staff are getting course open today after a frosty morning.  Enjoy.

GIS2013(Golf Industry Show) Innovative Supt Session

Our industry does not have a lot of ladies in the management ranks but just heard a great presentation from Renee Geyer who is an Assistant Superintendent at Firestone CC. She spoke about managing the different types of individuals we have on our staff's.

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2 green flooded

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Joe WachterWater and frozen turf. What we are facing for a few days.

Course update

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Joe Wachter3" of snow is melting rapidly but course will remain closed until at least Wednesday or later based on snow, water covered, partially frozen greens and water logged greens.

GIS13, CSI Turf, What killed my grass?

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Joe WachterDr. Lee Miller presenting at the annual conference regarding disease issues we have faced or will face in the future. Home grown information from out state university program that continues to improve and provide great information for us to use to protect our greens which is our most important asset.

GCSAA yearly conference

Leaving this evening for a four day trip to our national superintendent's conference and show in San Diego. Some great education to help keep up with the ever changing industry, trade show covering well over 6 acres of products/services and connecting with friends/peers from all over the country and world. Will make regular updates to the blog as warranted.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Delays in communication

I made several posts to the blog since yesterday through my phone which goes through my email exchange acct.  I left town last night for the yearly conference I attend and did not realize until late this morning that the service is down.  Skip is evaluating the course and will make determination regarding opening the facility based on some fairly soaked greens from the snow and frozen conditions..  As soon as the exchange is repaired, there will probably be 7-10 blog posts hitting the site.  Thanks for your consideration.