Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all! Hope you enjoy a great day doing something you love.

 I've been blessed to have one terrific mother. Mom has accomplished a great deal in her life. Four sons and countless other women and men that she has cared for and mentored over the years. Going to college, working, taking care of babies and a husband all at the same time is an amazing accomplishment all in her first 5 years of adult life.Of course we must remember 12 years later she started raising her 4th son which added even more to her great accomplishments.

As I've aged, I continue to watch her evolve as a spirit and human being. I'm just beginning to discover some of the gifts she has given me over the years and I still have some serious work within myself to be 1/2 the person she has become. I'm lucky to have been the first child because that has given me more time to be with her.

We spent the evening together last night. I won't be with you today Mom but know that you are on my mind. I love you MOM!

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