Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tennis Courts Ready For Play Thursday, May 5th

Promised the ladies I would work hard at getting courts open early this year. Should have court one lines down by 9 am Wednesday and will have court 2 finished by the end of the day. Courts will be ready for play on Thursday.

Two videos below. The first demonstrates rather quickly how we roll the tennis courts. Rolling helps to firm the surface and smooth out imperfections. This is completed on a regular basis during the season and especially during the early season.

Laying out the courts is pretty important because of course they need to be square and have the proper dimensions. Video below shows how we use line cables to find the corners of the court.  The cables also help to set the single court lines, center court line, service lines, you get it, it helps to set the line. We then stretch string so we have as straight a line to lay the line tape(tape is made from vinyl) in place. The line must be nailed to the clay surface so it stays in place.

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