Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bermuda Eradication/Suppression program in fairways

I shot a few videos today to give you some of the examples of the work that is being done to reduce and or eliminate the impacts of bermuda grass on our zoysia fairways. 13 fairway has a number of different examples of small, intermediate and large patches of bermuda. Some of thes patches we will allow the zoysia to grow into the bermuda area as we reduce the bermuda competitively or kill it outright. Other spots will need to be replaced with sod from our nursery because they are simply too large and will take too long for the zoysia to fill into the spot. Poa, crabgrass and other weeds will then try to invade the voided spots. As we get a fairway back to near total zoysia coverage, we will still have to do some treatments on the fairway from time to time to kill back any spots of bermuda that will eventually try to rise up out of the ashes or a piece of bermuda that drops off of a mower, your shoes or a shot you hit out of the rough with piece of bermuda on it. It comes in contact with the soil, moisture allows it to form roots and the process starts all over again.

The first video explains in detail some of the larger patches and how we will handle their potential replacement.

The next video discusses a smaller area in the fairway with zoysia growing in parts of the area.

This video shows a section of rough that has good zoysia coverage with some bermuda grass mixed in with the zoysia. We would not replace this spot with zoysia.

The final video discusses a spot in which the bermuda has completely checked out. This will be completely replaced with zoysia grass as time and weather allow us to do the work. A lot of the bermuda in this spot checked out over the winter with some being killed back this spring.

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