Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dredging Lake on #10

We are doing some quick dredging of the small lake on #10 in an attempt to assist in reducing some of the algae blooms that occur from time to time. Our backhoe can extend out into the pond but is probably about 5' shorter than we would like to see. We are going to increase some depth in the first 5-8 feet of the pond which should give a little more water capacity and help to reduce slightly some of our algae blooms that occur. Draining the lake and working in late fall our winter would be our best course of action which we will discuss at a later date with the green committee. I have mentioned to the membership in other communications that our water retention system needs improvement to help us reduce city water costs and improve the aesthetics of our lake systems.
Assistant Skip is using the backhoe and our single axle dump truck to haul the material back into our dump storage site.

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