Saturday, June 27, 2009

Japanese beetles

In the last few days, some of you might have seen a green metallic little critter flying around some ornamental plants(roses) or landing on our golf greens and burrowing out of sight. Well, that little critter is the Japanese Beetle which is beginning its mating process and laying eggs in our fine turf. No need to worry, our spray programs eliminate their little grub prodigy's.
We treat our fairways, first cut of rough, green surrounds and tee boxes for grubs which include
Black Turfgrass Aentenius, Northern Masked Chafers(the brown beetle that flies around your porch lights in June), Bluegrass billbug larvae and the Japanese beetle.

Below is a link from the Ohio State University which explains the life and times of this beetle in more detail.

A picture of a beetle. I place Abe beside the beetle to help you understand the scale or size.

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