Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mad Scientist at work

Assistant Mike has a concoction brewing down in the pump house for our algae problem at the small lake on #10. Our microbial product came in the other day and Mike had to mix up the brew.

The products had to be aerated for 3 full days and kept at around 80 degrees to help the cultures grow. Once we have completed some of our lake dredging, we will pour the material in the lakes and let them do their great work for us. The microbes are designed to eat the organic material and even the sludge which has organic material in it. Once this material is broken down, it reduces the amount of nutrients available to help the algae grow.
I've enclosed a couple of pictures for your information.
The first picture shows the size of the 32 gallon trash can. We have enough material for 40 gallons of little critters but decided to mix a smaller batch. We will then mix an additional batch in the next couple of weeks to insure that everything does not get washed down the creek in a big rain storm.
The next picture shows the bubbles from the aeration and the fermentation that is taking place from all of the microbes. We had to use pond water in preparing this material because the chlorinated water would have killed the microbes.

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