Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Poor or weakened zoysia in fairways/intermediate

We are taking a number of steps to improve weakened zoysia turf in various spots throughout the golf course. Aeration, traffic control, sod replacement, reduction in mowing and water management are going to be important cultural practices to help improve these weakened areas of turf.

The picture below is where we have reduced traffic going up the hill on #3. We replaced some sod in this area, have done some smaller tined aerating and have some additional work planned for this area. As the turf continues to improve, we reduce the area that is roped off.

This is a close up of a weakened area on the golf course which was aerated. 3/8" solid tine about 3" deep. We are potentially looking at taking our verti-drain deep tined aerifier out into a few spots to help with water penetration. We will probably only set a depth of 4-5" which will be better than normal aeration of 3" or so which takes place in July. This will be of the solid-tined variety which will not be disruptive to play.

This is the same area but pulled back to show the general size of the area.

Left side of #12. Shade which leads to excessive moisture are contributing factors to this area. We will be replacing sod as weather allows in the next few days. Any assistance you can give when driving carts away from these areas would be most helpful. We are attempting to reduce mowing only as needed through spots like this area.

A wider view of the area from above.

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