Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Green Surround Sod, 10 and 13

We spent Monday stripping the warm season sod from the first cut on green surrounds of #10 and #13. In the picture below, you can see Russell using the sod cutter to strip off the material.

In this part of #13, Jose, Teddy, Arturo and Gionni are removing the sod by hand because our equipment is too large to fit in this area.

In our large sections of the surrounds, we moved the material from the edges so that we could push the material into our front loader.

Skip is pushing the material into piles.

Skip backing the tractor and box blade pushing the material into the front loader.

Front loader dumping the material into our dump truck.

Once the area was cleared, we had to dig up 16 of our sprinkler heads around our greens and raise them so that they will be even with the new sod.

Skip is rolling the 30 yard big roll of sod out onto #13. Nick is removing the netting that the material is rolled up to help keep it stable. We remove the netting so that it does not get caught on spikes in case the sod would become weak in spots and die. Once the sod is rolled out, we have to pull it into place to fit the area we are trying to cover. In the case of the green surrounds, we had a curved edge to work with which creates its own set of difficulties.
Arturo is filling in the gaps of sod.
Russell is filling in areas as well.
#10 Complete. We replaced about 10-12' around 10 green.
#13 Complete. We still have a little dirt to fill out some heads on 13 green.

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