Sunday, December 20, 2009

Final cleanup of this past year's tree removal

There were a couple of large trees that fell this season and a few others were removed on the course which did not leaf out from last winter. Some were placed in our dump area, hauled away in our dumpster or were stored in our maintenance yard to split during the winter. The past 5-8 working days, the staff have been sawing, moving and splitting this wood to cleanup the area in preparation for this seasons TMP. Some of this wood will be utilized in our wood burning furnace which will allow us to reduce the expense of natural gas which is used to heat the main garage area of our maintenance facility. I will post pictures tomorrow of our new heat source. After purchasing the furnace and duct work to distribute the forced air heat, we hope to realize a savings of $ 1-2,000 this season. In future seasons, we expect to save about 60-80% of our annual $ 4.5-5,000 natural gas bill. We have a small gas forced air heater for our break room/office area and another gas heater which supplies heat to our main equipment repair room.

Russell and Tom moving some wood to our splitting area.
Asst. Skip and Jason splitting wood. The remaing logs for splitting are in the right foreground.The newly split wood is in a pile in the foreground and the 4 rows in the middle to left side of the picture. Ash, maple, locust and some oak pieces make up this area. Our oak section is in the background against fence.

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