Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aerifying new sod

We pulled out the walking aerifier yesterday to punch some holes in the new sod that was placed around a number of greens last fall.  We also are punching some of the existing cool season turfgrass areas near the greens and the cool season tees.

Aeration provides some of the following benefits to our turf:
  • Reduces compaction of the soil.
  • Allows oxygen to penetrate into the root zone.
  • Surface water can infiltrate into the ground at a quicker rate which reduces runoff and improves playability of a given turf area.
  • Improves root growth.
  • Provides small resorvoirs for water to lay in and which is then absorbed by the soil and taken up into the root system.
  • Reduces thatch and improves soil microbial population.
Russ along #12 green.

Russ coming back up the hill on #12.

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