Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The big dig on #15

The staff had to use the backhoe today to remove a water meter that measures the water that fill the irrigation  lake on #15.  The meter was buried about 3' deep and was at the bottom of 2' wide drainage pipe which helped to form a pit so the meter can be checked.  Glen Echo member Dave Adam has been working with MSD for a few months in an attempt to get a reduction in our sewage bill which is based on our water consumption.  The clubhouse and lake fill uses the same compound meter to measure the use of water.  MSD has given us a % reduction in our bill over the years.  With the installation of the new irrigation system, we believe that our water usage for the golf course has potentially increased.  MSD must do a survey for a full year to verify that we deserve a reduction in our bill.  The meter must be calibrated and verified by a pump company, so goes the big dig on #15. 

The pile of dirt will be there for a few days until the company can do the work to verify the accuracy of the meter.  Once that takes place, we have to install the meter and then backfill the hole. 

The picture below shows the staff in the hole removing the 1" sized nuts and bolts so the meter can be disconnected from the pipe and removed for calibration.
Assistant Mike and Jason down in the hole doing the dirty work.  Russ got his feet in the muck later in the project.  Most of the bolts had to be snapped off to remove.
Here is the picture of the 4" cold water turbine meter after it was pulled out of the hole.

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