Thursday, March 18, 2010

Collar nursery

Last fall, we renovated the nursery area that was not being utilized near the 16th tee/2 fairway area.  The area is going to be a bentgrass nursery which would then be used to replace various collars on our greens that are severely infested with poa annua.  We added sand, tilled/smoothed the surface, applied a soil fumigant to remove all weeds/seeds, and seeded bentgrass into the area.  We had an fair germination of the bentgrass which was then damaged severely by a 3" rain in early October.  We applied a fine particled sand to the mix but the overall existing blend of sand still too coarse for growing a dense stand of bentgrass that will then be removed as sod.  

This morning, we hauled another 10-12 tons of sand to the site and spread it with our bunker rake.  The sand is being tilled/blended, raked smooth with the bunker rake and will be allowed to settle for a few days by rain or irrigation.  It will be seeded, fertilized and covered in the next couple of weeks.  

Assistant Mike tilling the fine particled sand into the existing sand profile.      

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