Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Well, its been just over a year now since the blog was started.  First, allow me to apologize for the misspelled words and the bad grammar that is thrown in from time to time.  It seems no matter how many times I proofread or spell check, an error jumps off the page at me after I've already hit the post button.  I've read the post to myself three times and outloud twice to no avail.

Here are some interesting statistics from the last year.

140 posted blogs
400 pictures
30 attached links
13 videos

We've had over 1900 unique visitors since I've been running the stats counter at the end of November 2009.  Individuals from over 20 countries have viewed our blog. 

It is great to know that our blog has inspired some of my fellow superintendents to start a blog just as others  inspired me to do the same.   

Maybe some twittering is in our future for the tech saavy member.  

The thanks that membership has shown toward this publication is greatly appreciated.  We will work as hard the second year as we did the first to provide you with current information about the many practices that take place at this great golf course. 

Well, its time to get busy on the next post!


Michael Vogt, CGCS said...

Congrats Joe, I read your blog at least once a week.

Joe Wachter CGCS said...

Thanks Mike. Always glad to take a peek to your blog from time to time as well. I never know when the opportunity might arise to learn something new and use it on this great property.