Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rain days, still work to be done

We hate to see rain days in the golf business but from time to time they do occur.  This morning we took the opportunity to transition the shop facility from winter to a more active spring facility.  As you might remember from previous posts regarding the wood burning furnace, we had a piece of 6 mil poly stretched across the maintenance facility to reduce by about 1/2 the area that we needed to heat.  Jason suggested we roll the poly up in place and tie it to the rafters.  Good idea and saved us some time in stringing it back up again next winter.  8 tons of clay for the tennis courts have been stored in the facility to insure that they stay dry until we lay the material in early May.  It had to be moved out of the center of the building and placed against the wall.  A little cleaning and moving some equipment around got us to our major task of the day. 

Planting all of those baby plants that arrived yesterday.  The guys went through about 3400 plants today which saved me a great deal of time.

Russ watering the plants after they are potted and placed on the utility vehicle and place in the greenhouse.  Jason, Skip, Mike and Tom planting in the background.

A view from the other side.  Asst. Mike is using a small punch to poke the plugs out of their seeding tray so Tom can plant them in their growing 6 pack tray.  Some of the plugs are the size of a thimble.  Asst. Skip and Jason working on the other side and Russ watering in the background.  The guys commented at the end of the day that they look forward to going back outside on Friday. 

About 4000 plants in the greenhouse with about another 1000 to be planted on Friday.

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