Monday, June 14, 2010

#8 Main tee renovation

The 8th main tee area is a very difficult tee for us to manage.  Water from the roof of the halfway house and from the cart path along the green side of # 7 run onto the teeing ground and keep it constantly wet.  The tee can remain water logged for up to 3-4 days after heavy rainfall which limits tee placement and prevents the tee from being mowed.  The excess water contributes to bermuda grass contamination which makes up 50% of the teeing surface and leads to serious compaction of the turf.  The tee is not level from years of use and the orientation of the tee is into the trees along the right side rough of #8.  The tee is also not visually attractive in the high visibility area of the halfway house with 3 greens and another teeing area nearby plus the Halfway house is frequented by many whom are getting a sandwich before or after their round has been completed.   Weather permitting, the tee renovation is scheduled to start on Tuesday, June 15th and will be completed by Friday, June 18th. 

In the interim, the white and blue tees will be moved to the red teeing ground. The new tee will be back in play a week before the Invitational. Once the new tee is back in service, the red tee will require some repair due to its size and the amount of play that it will be handling over the next few weeks. It will be raised slightly and leveled for our red tee players.

The overhead view of the tee with the proposed changes and an explanation of the scope of the  project.(Click on the picture to enlarge the view of the overhead picture and the explanation of the changes which will take place.)  

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