Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wren nest in water cooler stand

Wildlife use the strangest places from time to time to raise their young.  Case in point our local wren population.

The boys were changing water coolers at the long range one day when they said something was pecking their hand when they were checking the water.  Come to find out a wren had built a nest to the side of the front of the cooler stand and was flying in and out of the opening where you fill your cup with water.  As you might have noticed, we've placed another water stand next to the wren's stand to allow her to fledge her young.  

Wren nest made up of moss, twigs and grass.
Just a few weeks before, a family of four were fledged out of one of our parts bins in our mechanic room.  It was up above eye level and did not realize it was there until baby birds were leaving the nest and trying to get outside. 

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