Saturday, July 17, 2010

8 Tee now being mowed at regular tee height of cut

The 8th tee was mowed with the riding tee mower this morning for the first time at our standard 1/2" height of cut.  It has held up well over the play it has received during the Invitational.  The cool season turf around the tee has been greening back up from its initial struggles when it was first laid out.  It will continue to improve but will struggle during stretches of severe heat.  Hand watering of the cool season surround will be required to supplement the irrigation system so we do not overload the zoysia which want to grow with less water.    Late summer and early fall will see the surround cool season turf improve and will be in great shape for next season.  We will continue to do some regular topdressing which will improve the smoothness of the playing surface and will help to provide a slight drier top surface of the tee after heavy rain events. 

We will also be topdressing all of our tees over the next few weeks to help with divot recovery and smooth the surfaces as well.  The tees will also be core aerated which will improve rooting going into the fall and winter, provide better drainage and will improve the overall health of the zoysia.

The 8th tee on the final morning of the Invitational.
32 days from the time the old sod on the tee was removed, new tee was constructed and is being mowed at normal playing height.

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