Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tree Management Program

We had a dead standing oak along the fence line between the cemetery and #4 and a nice white Oak that did not leaf out this spring that needed to be removed.  There were also a couple of larger limbs on trees that needed to be pruned for safety purposes.  This work was contracted out this past Monday.  Gamma Tree Service did a majority of the work but our staff had to cut up the parts of the trees that could not be chipped and had to haul them away.  Most of this wood will be used for firewood this winter.  We did also remove and very diseased and dead pine tree near the 17th tee that only had a couple of green limbs still hanging on.

#4 oak with lift due to the large pine to the right and the fence line below.
After the tree has had all the limbs removed and we are down to the main trunk.  There is a 10' part of the main trunk that our staff will remove sometime next week.  We have to cut the fence to be able to get at the trunk with the saw.
The removal of the dead white oak near #6 green.
Asst. Skip working on cutting through the large trunk.  Tom, Jason and Asst. Mike also were involved in finishing this work.  We will cut the rest of the trunk off in the next few days and will have the stump ground as our work schedules allow.  Our loader had to back down our maintenance hill because of the weight of the two sections of log that we had to pick up.
Gamma tree trimming a large oak next to the cart path of #11 which had some very large limbs hanging out near the path that had died.

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