Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coure Condition Update

The course remains closed due to snow, ice and various stages of greens that are thawing.  I do not have an exact day that we will open but will be monitoring conditions every day.  The long range mats will be open for those members who want to get some swings in during this nice weather.

We have some greens thawing quicker than others but have at least 6-7 that have various forms of ice, snow and water on them today.  The thaw is beginning to move through the profile.  It needs to be at least 3-4 inches into the profile to allow the moisture trapped on the surface or just below the surface to move through before we will be able to open.  I am also concerned about root shearing which was discussed in the 'Keeper of the Greens' email blast sent out earlier. 

We appreciate your consideration during the thawing process.

Additional posts regarding frozen greens from December and January.

#1 green saturated due to frozen subsurface

Probe used on the back of #1 green which only went into the surface about an inch.

#2 green covered with melting snow and ice laying on the surface.

#3 fairway

#11 green completely covered.

#5 green covered

#10 approach

#9 green 1/2 covered

#7 green

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