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Japan Earthquake

I know this is not news regarding Glen Echo but I have a peer, Keith Pegg who works at Zama Golf Club in Zama Japan which is only a couple of hundred miles from the center of the damage.  Keith is from Washington State but has worked in Southeast Asia for over 20 years.  I sat with Keith a few years ago at an evening get together at our annual conference and had an interesting conversation with him.  He posts regularly on a Golf information network(TurfNet) that I belong to where we exchange a great deal of ideas and thoughts about the golf industry and our work.  Keith has worked in Japan, China and other places throughout southeast Asia.  Here are some of his excerpts from his experiences over the last week or so.   

Keith Pegg from Zama Golf Club in Zama, Japan.  Posted 3/11/11 3:28 p.m.

It has been a ride, I am okay about 200 miles south but was almost knocked down from first blow.

No phones that work but Internet is okay at times. Many towns are gone and all the people in them.

It is 5 AM and we just had a shake and we headed outside again. My home is okay with just a few cracks, My Course is okay so far and my staff some live on the coast so I am very worried about them.

Posted 3/11/11  5:26 p.m.

Just went into work (my day off) and every thing is okay even the irrigation system no major leaks. My staff is safe even the ones that lived on the coast they have moved inland and hope there homes are okay. Golfers were coming out so I guess the world still turns.

Posted 12 March 2011 - 02:04 AM

A few years ago after I lost some friends in SE Asia I put together my kit to Survive, I keep this in My apartment ready at all times. The food changes as I eat it and put in new but the amount is always about the same. I have a backpack and a carry-on air case ready. I also have papers, passport and money. I keep my car always with 1/2 tank plus to full at all times. In My apartment I keep 20 gal of water also. Takes very little room and cost was not much. I use the food so that is always new. My apartment is only 300 sq ft so it has to be a small kit.
Anyway here it is:
Survive / Per Person / 25 days
4 Knorr chicken and pasta dinner 2
4 Knorr beef and rice dinner 2
4 Knorr chicken and rice dinner 2
4 Maruchan ramen noodle soup 2
4 Idahoan home-style instant potatoes (cheese) 4
4 McCormick onion gravy mix 4
1 McCormick mushroom gravy mix 4
5 Armor treat in metal cans 2
5 Armor Vienna sausage cans 2
1 Star Kist tuna in foil pack 1
5 Dried fruit sealed packs 4
2 Sardines in soybean oil 2
20 Single serving coffee pouches 1
20 Nestle instant cocoa pouches 1
20 Herb-ox beef bouillon pouches 1
10 Country Time lemonade pouch 2
10 Bigelow herb tea pouch 1
10+ Peanut bar candy 1
-- Salt, pepper, creamer, sugar pouches, in zip-lock bag
* Long shelf life foods that equal 70 to 75 meals 1,200 cal per day high energy bars could replace most all food items and take up less space 400 cal per bar.
(Remember to update before expiration date).
Other Items needed
1 Small sauce pan (Teflon no stick easy to clean)
1 Enameled metal cup or ( 8oz stainless steel with lid)
5+ Canned heat
50 Matches 'water proof' and or lighter, emergency candles
1 Set eating utensils per person
1 Pocket knife Swiss Army or multi-tool / P-38 can opener
1 LED-type flashlight
3 Extra batteries more if phone and radio included
-- *First-aid supplies / sewing kit
-- Aspirin, Tylenol, Unisom, Benadryl, and Advil caplets
1 Month worth of prescription drugs supply (special care instructions)
3 Plastic trash bags & ties
2 Rolls toilet tissue in zip-lock bag
2 +Water -gallon jugs
-- Water purification tablets 10+ gal (16drops bleach will work per gal)
*Two pairs of Latex, or other sterile gloves (if you are allergic to Latex).
Sterile dressings to stop bleeding.
Cleansing agent/soap and antibiotic towelettes to disinfect.
Antibiotic ointment to prevent infection.
Burn ointment to prevent infection.
Adhesive bandages in a variety of sizes.
Eye wash solution to flush the eyes or as general decontaminent.
Thermometer, Scissors, Tweezers
Tube of petroleum jelly or other lubricant
Aspirin or non-aspirin pain reliever
Anti-diarrhea medication. Antacid (for upset stomach), Laxative
Dust filter masks
Metal flask of 80+ proof alcohol (optional)
Other items to consider having at the ready

1 100+ foot roll of 550 para-cord inch rope
1 10x10 ft. plastic sheet or (large space blanket)
1 Roll duct tape 100mph
1 Sleeping bag per person 3-4 lbs + stuff bag (cold weather?)
1+ Set extra clothing per person, good walking shoes / outdoor
20 Paper or plastic plate's reusable type
1 Roll Paper towels in zip-lock bag
1 Each Toothbrush & toothpaste per person in zip-lock bag
1 Each Shampoo, lotion, bar soap, hand sanitizer in zip-lock bag
2  Razor as needed (Disposable?)
If travel may be needed
-- Pass Port / travel documentation (if needed)
-- ID and credit card + (ID copies)
-- $100.00 + per person small bills
1 Disposable camera with flash
1 Back pack or large day pack and or wheeled carry-on luggage
1 Umbrella, whistle, emergency poncho
1 Walking staff
-- *Small AM FM radio (Short Wave, hand crank charge optional)
-- Cell phone with battery backup
-- Compass, pencils, paper, area maps
-- Memory UBS stick with back-up information (optional)
-- Matching color hats or shirts if more than one person in party
-- Meeting location in case of separation from the group
-- Children and others ID bracelets and Medical information
-- Paper back books, cards (an idea survival book)
-- Insect repellent, sun screen
* Some lights have radio, hand crank, phone charger and solar charger.
Meeting Place for all members family or group
Needs to be private yet close to a home or starting point, may change if on a trip or vacation. Remember even on the road a meeting is point needed.
Someday soon I will come back to the USA and my home in the Olympic Mts. of Washington and will have kit better and bigger I am sure.
Because weapons are not included here they could be an addition to any kit.

3/15/11 5:08 p.m.

New Quake last night at 10:30 a 6.2 but very close and I was holding on, as my home went up and down. Not near as bad as the 8.9 last week but that was 100 miles away and this was in my area. Gas problems with long lines, trains are maybe staring again this weekend if all the tracks are fine. Rolling blackouts two 3+ hour times a day for most of Japan. Food is short supply with milk, eggs and bread gone. Batteries, flashlights, candles were all gone the first day. All water has to be boiled and I also have iodine drops to add to mine. The Nuclear Reactors are far away from me about 50 miles is the closest. They have been testing air, soil and water every hour and so far seen none at my location.

About 10% of our X-pats have left and maybe 40% with small children have seen them getting out and the husband or wife may stay and keep working. Planes are coming and going now on time for the most part. Very few people coming in but they are full getting out.
One of my staff is on his way as a Reservist with the Army of Japan; he will grow up a lot these next few weeks. One other man on my staff has his Mother and Father up north and they are in a shelter, hose gone and lucky to be alive. They went 4 days without any food and almost no water. A story I am hearing a lot these days. We hope they will have a truck road to the north soon and they can then bus the people out. Talked to a man last night that had walked 3 days and 50 miles before getting a bus back here. Many people we will not hear from I know but keep hoping.

The rest is on your news and it is better coverage than I am getting I am sure.

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