Thursday, June 16, 2011

#13 Tee Details

Each season, we have taken one of our worst tees and renovated the tee to improve playability and maintenance.  The blue tee on #13 was very narrow which did not allow for any yardage change in the hole, was built high off the ground and was not level.  The forward white tee was built directly in front of the blue tee and was built at ground level which caused issues during rain events.  The master plan recommended the tee to move over slightly and be enlarged and the white tee would then be moved in a more forward position..

We began renovation on the blue tee as of yesterday.  As you can see in the plan below, the tee will be a more vertical tee with a depth of approximately 15 yards changing length on a regular basis.  It will add 5 more yards in length to the scorecard and give us multiple teeing positions to the left, middle or right side of the tee.  It will be moved to the left by 5 yards which takes it out of direct alignment of a large oak tree that continues to grow outward and narrows the driving lane of the tee.  We expect to have the tee sodded by the middle of next week and it will open in time for the Invitational.  The tee will be about 1'-1.5' off of the ground and will fit more naturally in the teeing area.  The new white tee will be slightly forward and left of its existing location and will be constructed in late July/early August once the blue tee has been opened for a few weeks.
I am still evaluating the walk path and planting bed at the tee area.  Most everything except the steps will be kept in place at this time until we get the complex completed.  During the off season, we might make some changes to the ornamental planting but we will wait on a slower time of the year to make this decision. 

In the meantime, we will utilize the tee that is on the left side of the complex that is used infrequently.

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