Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back of #3 green surround

I had mentioned in an earlier green committee meeting in the spring that I intended to improve the back middle and right hand side of the green surround on #3.  The area is sun filled almost all day long and is incredibly hot in the middle of the afternoon. The intermediate cut is beautiful zoysia which is at 1.25" and is like carpet.  We decided to extend the zoysia back another 16' which places it to the bottom of the back right mound.  We then put another 16' of fescue which will be cut by the green surround mower at 2". Poa annua  overwhelms the area each fall and we decided to remove it for good and replace the area with the sod.  We had hoped to have this work completed sooner so it would be grown in completely for The Invitational but weather conditions would not cooperate this year allowing us to get everything accomplished .  The work was started early Wednesday morning and was completed and in place when the gully washing rain hit the club late that afternoon to no ill effects on the sod.  This area was one of the worst looking areas of the course from mid- summer until fall.  It will be much improved from both a playability and visual aspect.

Jason cut the sod off with our walking sod cutter.  Skip is using the box blade to push the material into the bucket and it is then placed in our single axle dump truck.

A better view of the area.  #3 green is in the back ground.  I am standing near the blue tee of #12.  

The staff finishing up the fescue being laid.  Jason is hand watering the zoysia that was put down in the morning.  The big roll sod provides for a much quicker application and I believe it  heals in much quicker than normal sod pieces.

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