Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Greens and the summer heat

As the summer moves into what is normally the hottest few weeks of the year, hopefully the steps we have taken over the first half of the season will assist our greens in surviving the summer heat.  I have listed some additional steps below that we are implementing to  protect our greens from the predicted weather of this week as well as the potential for high heat and humidity we will experience during the next few weeks.  

  • Raising height of the greens by .010 of an inch.  
  • Alternating between rolling greens one day and mowing greens the next day.
  • Hand watering regularly in the mornings and cooling the greens by syringing with the hoses in the afternoon.
  • Hydrojecting greens on Wednesday, needle tineing approaches today.  Will follow up with another needle tineing in a couple of weeks.
  • Continue using growth regulators to help with controlling growth and reducing depletion of energy.
  • Shorten spray windows with plant protectants and fertilizer/root stimulants.

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