Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bunker Renovation #14

At the beginning of my golf maintenance career, the first major project that I was responsible to supervise was a bunker renovation as an assistant at Sunset C.C.  With a recommendation from the green committee and support from the Board of Directors, we are at the early stages of a most exciting project here at Glen Echo, the renovation/restoration of our bunkers.  

A committee consisting of members and staff has been formed and is meeting to determine how to raise funds for this project privately through our most generous membership.  Additional details regarding the committees work will be forthcoming after the first of the year.

As a part of this effort, our staff along with Kye Goalby from Goalby Golf Design will be embarking on the renovation and restoration of hole #14 to give the membership an example of the work that will be accomplished over the next 12-18 months.  There is a green committee meeting this evening in which the project schedule will be discussed and finalized.  In general, a majority of the work is to be completed in 2012.

We will begin to tear out the bunkers on #14 late in the afternoon on Sunday, October 2nd.  The main work should be completed by Thursday, October 6th including sod and sand.  The hole will be open for play during  this process.    

Our staff will be involved in all activities of the renovation except for the actual design/shaping of the bunkers in which Mr. Goalby will complete this work.  Below is a link to an interview that Kye gave to Golf Club Atlas in 2010.  It speaks of his career and how it started, where he as been and what the future holds for him.  I think you will find it most interesting.  Locally, he has been doing shaping work of the bunkers at St. Louis C.C.  He has traveled throughout the world with architect Tom Doak.    

The work that our staff will be responsible to complete includes the following:
  • Plan all aspects of the project with Goalby Golf design including increased staffing during the main project work as well as maintaining the golf course.
  • Provide constant communication to green committee, fundraising committee, Board of Directors and all membership/staff during the process.  
  • Ordering all supplies and equipment needed to complete project.
  • Removing existing bunker sand, gravel, drainage pipe, and sod from around bunkers.
  • Finish shaping bunker with Mr. Goalby, edging, trenching drainage, removing soil spoils and installing drainage.  Spray on a polyurethane permeable liner called Klingstone which reduces the potential of soil contamination to our new and clean sand.  
  • Sodding new bunker area and installing sand.
  • On going watering of sod/sand and mechanically compacting sand to improve playability once the bunkers are complete.
  • Hand raking completed bunkers to protect integrity of the new bunker sod, edges and assist in improving firmness of new sand which has a tendency to be soft during the initial few months of installation.
A great look with two new bunkers being placed back into play as originally designed!

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