Monday, November 28, 2011

Metrolink Project

Work continues on the Metrolink ditch project.  A construction road is being built along the right side of #1 near the fence.  Once the road is complete, the two large oaks forward and right of the first tee which died over the summer will be removed by the contractor.  Also, five silver maples on the mounds on the right side of the hole from about the 160 yard mark down through the 120 yard mark will be removed as well.  Brush and trees in the ditch area 350' long will then be cleared between the fence to the metrolink tracks.

Our Golf Course Master Plan called for a widening of the fairway at the dogleg and the mounds will be replaced.  The fairway will be widened by approximately 5-8 yards.  Our staff will install two large drains and a catch areas will be shaped to help capture water that crosses into the area from #18 and the left side of #1 and will be piped underground into the creek.  The soil from the mounds will be used to create a graduated rising slope toward the fence.(2-3')  New fescue rough will be installed in this area which will help to slow balls from entering into the fence and out of bounds.  Once the project is completed, the rock will be removed and used on the right side of our range and in our parking lot area to provide for a solid surface for our equipment.

Looking from back left corner of the range down toward the tee.  Cleared area  before the installation of the drain pipe.

Left front corner of the range tee.  The area along the range tee  out about 75 yards is still covered by trees and brush.
The dozer pushing rock into place to create the construction road along the right side of #1.


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