Friday, December 16, 2011

Metro project

Rain has slowed the project a little in the last couple of days.  The upper driving range box is about 1/3 in place.  Each box is 6' long and they must lay 510' of culvert.(85 boxes).  They will have over 1/2 of the box in place since they will be working Saturday this week.  They will be covering the box with 2' of soil and the area will be graded and fescue sod will be laid.  The area will be allowed to grow naturally and will not be maintained except on our side of the property along the driving range which we will mow to help in retrieving golf balls from the range.

Box culvert continuing to be laid up the driving range ditch.  2' of dirt will cover the top of the box culvert and the sod will be laid.  The dirt mound in the background behind the skid steer is a dam that the contractor has to  build and tear down as they move up the ditch due to continuous water  flow.  There is about 8' of water behind the skid steer.  Their is a secondary berm up near the top of the ditch area to slow the water from entering into the main work area.

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