Friday, December 9, 2011

Metrolink work

The first three box culvert's have been laid in place in the driving range ditch.  I've also included a video of the tub grinder as it is chewing up the trees, stumps and brush that were removed from the ditch as well as some material that we have dropped in the last few days.  There were also some larger logs in our splitting pile that were probably a little to big for us to handle that we placed in the pile as well.
The first three boxes in place in the driving range ditch.  You can see the severe erosion near the metrolink tracks in the background that could cause a catastropic failure if the repair is not made.  The boxes will be covered with soil that will bring the level of the ditch almost to the level of the driving range.

The skid steer in the ditch helps to position the pipe in place.

The trackhoe preparing to bring another box into the ditch.  They weight about 15,000 lbs a piece.

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