Monday, December 19, 2011

Tree Management Program

We removed a few trees in the last week or two due to the tub grinder that was working in the back of the range for the metrolink project.  The large bases of the trees were hauled back to the range and were ground into chips.  The trees have been on our list the last couple years due to significant damage and their hollow trunks that could pose a hazard to members and staff.

A beautiful white oak died in late summer near the fence on #6 and Gamma tree is removing this giant today.  Trees do out compete turf but I always feel bad when an old tree that does not create turf quality issues has to be removed.  
Hollow silver maple logs from #17 being hauled back to the grinder.

Staff cutting on upper limbs from #17 silver maple that was completely hollow and damaged.

Sweetgum that was damaged and removed.

Large white oak along #6 fence line.
More than 1/2 the limbs removed.

Down to the central leader.  

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