Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Marvin Pierson Memorial Plaza work begins

Funds are being raised and approval has been given to begin construction work on the 'Marvin Pierson Memorial Plaza'.  The project includes new non step stamped concrete walkways into the front entrances to the clubhouse.  A plaza in front of the formal entrance which include a water feature that will include the olympic flame.  Lighting for the walkways and up lighting to the formal entrance to our clubhouse. New landscaping of the front entrances to the clubhouse and sod replacement of the formal circle entrance plus new concrete curbing.  Contracts have been signed and we have begun the process of removing plant material and irrigation.  Donations are still being accepted for anyone wishing to contribute to this great project.  Please contact Mary Martin if you would like to make a  donation to the fund.(This blog was made last week but was not posted.  Additional work has taken place and will be posted following this blog.)

Tom and Skip removing  the holly shrubs against the Olympic Room windows.

A view of the large bed looking out toward the parking lot.

Plant material and irrigation heads removed in preparation of the new ADA compliant walk paths and landscaping.  All steps will be removed for ease of access for all of our members and guests.

View from the loading dock area into the casual entrance and  Olympic Room  windows.

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