Saturday, February 25, 2012

#1 Earth moving

The contractor(Wagner Construction) who is doing the work for Metro is completing their responsibilities for the project.  One of the requirements was to move the mounds to the right of #1 fairway per our recommendation from our Master Plan.  A majority of that work was accomplished today.  I asked the contractor to leave a portion of the mound so we can use that soil to tie our existing fairway into the planned widening of the fairway.  We have two catch basins and drainage swales to put in place plus the drainage which well reduce the overall moisture that will remain in this low area of the golf course.  We are waiting on our sod provider to give us the okay that they can cut sod before we begin this work   Some of our work will require sod to be removed from the fairway and we do not want to do further disruption to the area until sod can be cut.

The road leading to the area will be sodded as well.  The contractor will also be doing some asphalt repair in our maintenance area and from the rear gate to the top of the hill near the short range parking area.  A tentative schedule for this work is planned for the week of March 5-7.  We will keep you informed of potential changes in gate opening and closing as we get closer to the date.

Expansion of our parking area as a part of the agreement in allowing access to the project area. 
Roadway being removed along #1.

Trackhoe breaking down the mounds.

Dirt mounds being lowered  and spread to improve overall playability of the right side of #1 rough.

Trackhoes moving the soil from the second mound toward the fence line.

View from the large oak gree toward #1 green.  The mound on the left will be used to transition between the existing fairway and the new widened fairway and improved rough area.

Same view as above but a little closer look of the area.

Looking back from the direction of the green back around the turn.    Fairway will be expanded approximately 5-8 yards into the mounds that are on the right side of the picture.

Looking back toward the tee.  

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