Thursday, February 9, 2012

Marvin Pierson Memorial Update

Work is in full swing on the Marvin Pierson Memorial Plaza in front of the clubhouse.  Our staff along with Oreo & Botta Concrete Company are beginning to put into place the walkways near the Olympic Room entrance.  The area has been formed, rock and wire mesh laid in place and the area will be blanketed to keep the freeze from entering the ground over the next few days.  The plan is to pour the concrete late next week.  Tentatively, the Olympic Room/Members entrance should be open by February 18th.  

Remaining work to be completed on the Olympic Room entrance after the walkways are completed will include the following:
  • Handrails installed per ADA requirements.(Contractor)
  • Planting  areas will be smoothed in preparation of irrigation installation.(Glen Echo staff)
  • Irrigation for the planting areas installed. (Glen Echo staff)
  • Ornamental planting beds will be tilled and prepped for planting.(Glen Echo Staff)
  • Lighting contractor will install walkway lighting.(Contractor)
  • Old steps leading toward formal entrance will be removed and the ornamental bed along the be extended toward the red fire hydrant.(Glen Echo staff)
  • Ornamental plants will be installed and the areas will be mulched.(Glen Echo staff)
Plumbing will be put in place tomorrow for electricity, water, and gas so that the concrete foundation for the fountain and pool can be poured early next week.  Our staff continues to dig out the footings for the concrete curbing.  Once the fountain pool is complete, the layout work will begin for the fountain and plaza walkways.   

Staff from Oreo & Botta Concrete preparing the Olympic room entrance walk paths.

Skip, Tom, Russ and Jason installing drainage along the lower walk path in front of the Olympic Room and  Member's Entrance.

Drainage placed along the double door of the foyer for the Olympic Room  entrance.

Staff installing drain pipe.

Skip expanding the area around the fountain for our contractor.

Staff from Oreo & Botta laying rock in the formed walk path area near the Olympic Room  entrance.

Skip and Tom cutting the asphalt in the loading area.  A walk path will be laid across the loading area and will connect to the plaza area in front of the portico.
Staff from Oreo & Botta smooth the rock in preparation to be  packed with a vibratory plate.

A view from the opening in the parking lot down to the Olympic Room entrance.  Easy access for all with a wide opening.  The walkway to the right will lead members and guests to the plaza area and the formal entrance to the club.  The uneven steps will be closed off and removed and the planting bed along the loading/handicapped parking will be expanded.
The new walk area covered by thermal blankets to reduce the potential for freeze to get into the ground over the next few days of real winter that we are expecting.

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