Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pierson Memorial update

Work continues to progress on the Pierson Memorial.  The walls were poured yesterday on the fountain pool and the forms were removed today.  Forms for the inner circle curbing were put in place today and one section of curbing was poured.  The remaining inner circle should be formed up on Friday and the curbing will be poured.

Asphalt curbing in front of the living room and around the corner to the scoreboard will be removed and replaced with concrete by Glen Echo to repair damaged curb and give us a consistent look in the area of the clubhouse.  We will also be replacing curbing along the practice green and #18 which was lost last season because of the overlay that was placed on the damaged asphalt along this area.  Without the curbing, water runs directly from the roadway across #18 and #1 fairway leaving these areas wet for a longer period time.  The new curbing will direct water into the storm sewer.

The walkway in front of the Olympic entrance will be sealed tomorrow and that entrance will be opened next Tuesday, February 28th.

Our staff has been busy today digging drainage lines from the Olympic room area, across the new plaza area which will then connect all front gutters and will also drain the fountain pool.  This area will be back filled on Friday.

Soil is being removed from the fountain and plaza walkway areas in preparation of the forms being put in place by next week.  Four inches of rock and four inches of concrete will be put in this area.

Concrete being poured in the forms for the fountain pool wall.

The finished pool wall.  There will be a 4" limestone cap placed on  top of the wall and a red brick cap will be place on the fountain wall the same color as the brick of the clubhouse.

Ornamental lines were cut into the concrete walkway yesterday.
The Olympic walkway was washed yesterday and will be sealed tomorrow.

Our staff digging out the curb area in preparation of the forms being put in place.

Oreo Botta staff putting the forms along the curb.

Our staff putting sleeves under the curbing forms so that drainage can then be installed.   

Concrete being placed in the forms today.  Our staff will have to back fill soil behind the curbing once it is cured and new asphalt will be placed between the old asphalt and the new curb in the next few weeks.

The new curbing on the inner circle toward the portico.

Skip digging the drain line that  will carry drainage from surface drains in the Olympic room entrance, the gutters on the front of the building and drain the new fountain pool.

Skip and Russ attaching the new 4" drain tile.

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