Thursday, March 1, 2012

David Feherty addresses the GIS this morning

Enjoyed the oppportunity to see David Feherty of CBS Sports and former PGA Tour member address a standing room only crowd at the Golf Industry Show this morning. He brought tears to our eyes with his out of this world wit and humor but also tears flowed when he spoke of his love for America and the work he is doing for our troops. A nice way to end my trip.
Made a quick tour of the trade and now sitting in LAX waiting for a delayed AA flight home. A quick trip to Vegas with no gambling losses. Of course if I would have lost the 5 bucks I put in a machine last night it would not have been too depressing. Time now to get back to the Echo and see the major changes that have taken place at the formal entrance to the club.
Full blog coverage over the next couple of days.
Skip informed me that there were no major tree issues from yesterday afternoon's wind event which is a relief.
Joe Wachter
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