Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mid-April in Mid-March

The weather has really been beautiful over the last couple of weeks but it has created tremendous timing issues for our staff.  Normally we have 2-4 weeks to get various weed killing and pre-emergent products applied to our turf areas but the drastic increase in air temperatures, particularly night time temperatures have raised soil temperatures quickly.  These products need to be applied now.  Now as in yesterday and the day before.    We will be working diligently over the next week to get our products applied before germination of crabgrass occurs.

Also, grass is beginning to grow and we had our rough mower out this week trying to get some of the close areas mowed.  We will increase our efforts to get things cleaned up over this next week.  The fairways are greening up nicely but are still very soft.  I am still concerned regarding frost but the long range forecast is still showing above normal temperatures for the next two weeks.  We are adding another staff member this week and will be adding 2 more around April 2nd.  Our final two staff members graduate from High School at the first of May which will be our final two employees for the season.

Greens aeration is planned for Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday.  We plan to double aerate with a coring machine and then plan to do a large solid tine.  Holes will be filled as normal  to help with recovery.  I expect greens to be in good condition for opening day on April 14th.

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