Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pierson Plaza update

Work continues on the Pierson Memorial Plaza.  The handrails are near completion.  They must be grouted so they will be secure and then caulked at the base so it blends in with the sidewalk.  The handrails and fountain pool and base are to be painted on Monday.  The lighting company has been in most of the week and has completed a majority of their work.  The up lights and plaza path lighting should come on this evening.  The handrails lights will be installed after the handrails are painted.  Wiring and drilling have been completed in preparation for the small light installation.  The staff worked today on extending the small landscape wall where the old steps that led from the parking lot to the main entrance.  We are extending the height of the wall slightly to bring the grade up to the level of the parking lot.  Additional grading was completed on the turf area around the plaza and along the walkway.  Irrigation will be installed early next week and we hope to lay sod before next weekend.  We will also be incorporating soil and compost in the planting areas.  Once the beds are tilled and ready to go, we will begin planting.  The entire circle area is scheduled to be seal coasted on Monday, April 16th.  We will still have some planting to do on the casual entrance beds since some of the perennials for those areas are not to be shipped

Employees from Alberici Construction drilling holes through the concrete to insert the new handrails.  In the background, personnel from Green Turf installing the lighting that is a part of the project.

Skip moving  some dirt today in the front lawn.  We did a lot of hand raking along the curbs and plaza area in getting the proper grade set.  

Not a part of the project but work that needed to take place before the completion of the project, we contracted with Scott-Lee Guttering to install new down spouts on the front of the building.  Installing a new landscape plan required down spouts that would send water into our drainage system instead of around the base of the building.

Our staff extending the landscape wall at the old steps.  The wall will rise to the level of the parking lot and will stair step down and the grade level toward the light pole becomes shorter.

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