Friday, March 23, 2012

Pierson Project update

Soil was moved around the living room and main dining room ornamental planting beds this week in preparation for our lighting contractor to install the walkway and building up lighting next week.  Once the lighting is installed, we will begin preparations for tilling the ornamental beds and incorporating copious amounts of compost in them to improve the soil.  The staff was busy installing the changes to the ornamental bed irrigation system for the casual entrance beds.  What grass is remaining on the front lawn was sprayed with non-selective herbicide as well as selective herbicides in an effort to kill the remaining grass and weaken the bermuda grass as much as possible.  The dead material will be stripped off, the area and will then be finished graded and sodded.  I hope the lawn work will be completed by April 6th.  Some of the plant material is beginning to arrive.  I hope to have the plantings completed during the week of April 9th as we try to manage our golf course work with our project work.  A large number perennials will be going into the casual entrance beds and are not expected here for delivery until around the 3rd week of April.  We will get those beds ready, will do a light mulching to improve their look and have them ready for Becky to plant when the plants arrive.

 The brick facade and cap was placed on the fountain pool area during the middle of the week.  The handrails are being installed over the next few days for the casual entrance area.  The handrails will be painted black.  Currently they have a white primer on them.  Additional electrical work took place this week as well.

The handrails and pool bottom are scheduled to be painted on Monday, April 1st.

The water and fire feature are being fabricated and we are hoping that everything will be completed by
April 21st which is the day of our Glen Echo Forever Bunker Restoration Event.  

Jeff and Joe hand digging the triangle ornamental bed near the casual entrance in preparation for the new irrigation pipe.

Staff doing the same in the area where the steps were located near the casual entrance.

Employees from Heitkamp Masonry placing plastic down to protect our new stamped concrete.
The brick being laid for the facade on the fountain pool.

The finished product with the new limestone cap on top.  
Skip helping move some extra dirt that was back filled along the living room outside wall.  We added nearly 10  inches to just under 4" in some areas to help the water move away from the building and out into the bed.
Skip removing about 6" of zoysia roots and mass from the Olympic room area.

The new handrails being installed near the casual entrance.    Yes, they will be painted a different color.  That is the primer that they are painted with now.

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