Friday, April 27, 2012

13 blue tee and surrounding area

Last season #13 blue tee was rebuilt.  During the process the center to back of the tee was very soft and would not compact.  Due to time constraints, we had to lay the sod and proceed with opening the tee.  Over the last 9 months, the middle to rear of the tee settled a couple of inches.  The staff removed the sod yesterday, added additional soil and placed sod back on the tee.  In the interim, the tees will remain on the front of the teeing ground until the sod becomes fully rooted.  Also, the new Mickey Mouse bed has been completed, old walkway and ornamental bed was leveled and sodded with fescue.

Blue tee after some additional leveling.  The tee will be rolled early next week after the weekend rain.

The old ornamental bed at 13 tee after it was sodded.

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