Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pierson Memorial Update

The staff worked feverishly on a number of different Pierson Memorial jobs Monday.  Hand digging to install the irrigation was completed on the two small lawn areas next to the loading area as was the last ornamental bed near the casual entrance. Installation of pipe and heads on a couple of the beds is taking place on Wednesday.  The areas were not large and there were too many wires and pipes in the small areas to safely utilize a trencher.  We still have to add 4 additional heads to the main lawn area and the trenching  required to  install the irrigation pipe for the system.  This will hopefully get completed this week as we make a major push in trying to get the lawn sodded by the end of this week or early during the week of April 9th.

The staff prepared the long ornamental bed between the main parking lot and the delivery area.  The soil was tilled a couple of times and compost was added and tilled a couple more times.  On Becky's direction and assistance, Green Giant Arborvite were planted to provide a screen between the main lot and the delivery area.

Additional tilling and planting will take place over the next couple days around the formal entrance area.  The main dining room bed should be planted today and if rain holds off the living room bed will be completed on Wednesday.  We will also continue our work in the ornamental areas around the casual entrance.  The beds still need soil hauled in and will require a great deal of tilling with a lot of compost that will be required to improve the overall heath of the plantings.  I would expect the trees and shrubs for this area will be planted next week.  Perennials ordered for this area are to arrive sometime during the week of the 16th.

The painters from Bazan Painting were here and epoxy the fountain pool/pedestal as well as polyurethane the handrails.  They came back on Tuesday and completed their task.

The lighting for the handrails should be installed in the next couple of days.

I have a call into our plumbing contractor regarding an approximate arrival date of the water and fire feature.

Asphalt sealing of the circle area and the main drive area that connects the circle is scheduled to be completed on Monday, April 16.

Sand blasting the fountain pool so the epoxy paint will adhere to the surface.

The epoxy paint being applied.

The completed pool.  Why black?  Most pools are being installed in black because of its luxurious look.

The handrails after completion.  A lot calmer and yes we were required by ADA to install handrails.

Russ working on one of the two smaller side turf areas for the new front lawn.

Installation of the ornamental bed near the casual entrance.

Hand digging along the edge to prevent damage to the new lighting as well as the  multiple irrigation, gas and electric lines running through the area.

Jeff tilling the bed area between the main parking lot and loading area.

Installation of the shrubs in the area.

Contracted employee Jeff tilling up the main dining room ornamental bed  on the formal side of the clubhouse.

The finished product after being raked and a good rain that night.

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