Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pierson Memorial Update(Coming to a close)

The Pierson Memorial Plaza is nearing completion.  We took major strides this week in closing out the work  that the Grounds Maintenance staff has been responsible to complete.  Irrigation was completed and recharged.  Becky has been busy with placement of trees with the help of our staff.  She has also been involved in planting the many shrubs that are included in the new design.  The lawn area was shaped, raked and sodded with some great looking fescue from Keeven Brothers.  We still have some adjustments to make in the irrigation system to insure that the heads are covering the areas that we want covered.   A couple of the areas need some additional settling near some heads and valve boxes and will be sodded early next week.  Becky has to plant a few more shrubs and has annuals, perennials and herbs to add to the landscape area.   The  contractor is sealing the asphalt in front of the club on Monday weather permitting.  The only other item that we have is for the fire and water feature to be completed, shipped and then installed.   We hope this will occur within the next two weeks.

Digging in new Junipers along the loading dock wall.

Extending the curbing near the fire hydrant with an old concrete paver.

Serviceberry tree being planted near the main dining room.

Fat Albert Spuces, Tree Lilacs in the background installed along the living room.

Main dining room planting.

Becky added some additional shrub plantings along the living room.

Skip and Tom finishing the last of the irrigation in the front lawn.

The staff laying the big roll fescue sod on the front lawn area.

Additional sod work.  26 rolls of sod 3' wide by 120' long  were placed on the front lawn.  

The new front lawn.

The front lawn and the new Pierson Memorial Plaza area.  What a great change to enhance one of the outstanding clubhouses in the country.  

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