Friday, May 11, 2012

A lot of little details

There are a lot of little details that are performed on a regular basis by our grounds crew at Glen Echo besides the usual daily mowing by large and noisy machines.  Some of these include painting the designated yardage markers for each specific tee marker.  Yardage stripes on cart paths to help give you a general indication of how far you are from the green in case you are not near a sprinkler head yardage marker.  These activities are usually completed in the early part of the season and usually before the Invitational.  Trimming the other 1,500 sprinklers heads, valve and electrical boxes around the golf course on a regular basis.  We try to get the green, tees and fairway heads cleaned on a monthly basis.  The outer heads usually get trimmed once or twice per year and the valve boxes that assist us in isolating fairways, tees and greens from other areas of the golf course usually 1-2 times per season.  The bench/ball washer areas are treated with preemergent and weed control and are then mulched twice per season.

As you can see, the little things aren't necessarily things that you would notice on a regular basis but if they were not completed, they would be noticed.

The white yardage marker for hole #16 freshly painted and trimmed.

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